October 9

The Friday Song: ‘Any Way You Wanta’ by Harvey

harvey-any-way-you-wantaWell would you look at that, it’s Friday! Another end to another long work week (even though in this day and age the concept of the ‘work week’ seems somewhat antiquated…with technology, we work all weekend long, am I right? We’re always ON, but that’s a rant for another time.) On Fridays, I like to pay as little attention to the news as possible…it’s all bad anyway.

I also like to listen to music that’s less serious on Fridays as well. Stuff that exists out on the fringe of the normal. I’ll try to remember to do it every Friday in the hopes of maybe making your transition from work week to weekend a little bit easier. If not easier, well then hopefully just a little bit more weird. There’s so much homogenous, pandering garbage floating out there in the pop culture…I prefer to dig around in the cultural backwaters of the past, and find stuff that’s forgotten, maybe even never remembered in the first place, by the public at large. There’s some really great stuff down there.

So, Friday Song #1. There’s a popular classic rock station here in town that’s kind of famous for playing what they call “The Friday Song” every Friday. EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. FRIDAY. They’ve played their Friday Song every Friday afternoon for at least the last thirty years, so somebody’s digging it. They also play the same 25 tired, worn-out classic rock songs day in and day out as well, yet always remain among the top-rated stations in the area, so maybe I’m missing the boat…But hearing the same played-out songs every day and every week is just boring. I mean, their “Friday Song” isn’t really a very good song. But it’s a “Friday Tradition!” Blecch. Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE FAMOUS ‘FRIDAY SONG.’ Maybe I’m being too harsh in my judgement. Maybe it’s not such a bad song, but any song starts to wear out its welcome after you’ve heard it a thousand times.

So now I’ve got my own official Friday Song, and it’s going to be a different song every week. And it’s hopefully going to be a song you’ve never heard of before. Love it, hate it, be indifferent to it…it’s all up to you.

That said, here’s some lost Detroit R&B to make you get up on yo feet and dance your way into the weekend. ‘Any Way You Wanta’ by Harvey. No history lesson here, just a fun kick ass little tune. First heard by me on Norton Records’ indispensible ‘Mad Mike Monsters’ compilation. We need radio, and dj’s, like Mad Mike’s old Pittsburgh shows…we need crazy-ass songs on the radio. But that’s not gonna happen, so we take matters into our own hands and create our own fun.

Owww!!! DAMN this is good!! Happy Friday!! I’m grabbing a beer right now.

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