October 15

The Friday Song: ‘Down in the Basement’ by King Coleman

king-coleman-down-in-the-basementHey Hey it’s Friday! No sense waiting ’til 5 to get the weekend vibes flowing. How’s 9 a.m. work for ya? Good? Good.

This week’s Friday Song is a low-slung and sleazy R&B burner by cult figure King Coleman, most famous for his uncredited singing the 1959 dance smash “(Do the) Mashed Potato” backed by James Brown’s band. (James Brown was under contract with another label so couldn’t sing on his own song; the track was credited to “Nat Kendrick and the Swans.” You can’t make this stuff up.)

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah…today’s song. Down in the Basement. A total killer tune packed with more double entendres than you can shake your stick at (not a double entendre. Perverts.)

King Coleman, the self-proclaimed “bald-headed wonder, full of lightning and thunder,” had a long resume: R&B singer, radio DJ, actor, Baptist minister (wait, what?)…He recorded a bunch of R&B stompers in the sixties, none of which made any sort of a dent on the popular charts. And that’s a crime.

Down in the Basement…See what it’s all about.

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