October 29

Plant a Tree. For Free! Fighting Deforestation in Madagascar in 45 Seconds


Madagascar has lost 90% of its’ forests, and many of the irreplaceable animal species that depend on the forest to survive. A group called edenprojects.org was created to fight this deforestation, with the goal of planting (replanting, really) thousands and thousands of new trees. Better yet, they are doing this by hiring impoverished Madagascarians (is that even right??) to do the planting. Win Win!

Now for the really cool part. There’s a new startup called WeGive.io that’s been created to help fund various charitable projects around the world; EdenProjects.org is their very first project. Users (like you!) can help fund this reforestation project by clicking http://www.wegive.io/ and simply watching a 45 second video. That’s it! How does this work? I don’t have any idea! But watching the video triggers a donation to Eden Projects, enough to pay for the planting of one tree. There’s no limit to the number of times you can watch the video; each viewing is another tree. (It’s the same video, though.)

The project started October 26, 2015. They’re already over 10% of the way towards the projects’ goal of 10,000 trees in the next 11 days. Won’t you visit http://www.wegive.io/ and watch it yourself? You’ll be doing the planet a huge favor! And, at the very worst, say this whole thing is a scam and there’s no money for trees…You’re still only out 45 seconds. Seems like it’s worth it to me.

WeGive.io is brand new, and is still in beta testing, so I don’t know a lot about how the whole thing works, but I’ll be digging into it more to find out. If it’s legit, it’s a great way for lots of people to support lots of worthwhile projects (and people) around the world, at no financial cost.

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