October 30

Friday Song: ‘Zombie Jamboree’ by King Flash & Calypso Carnival

zombie-jamboreeWhat’s the deal with our obsession with zombies? It’s not anything new, as this tune will attest. ‘Zombie Jamboree’ is a zombie-themed calypso tune from 1956. That’s really all I know about it. It’s all I, or you, need to know about it.

Thanks, I guess, to Harry Belafonte, calypso music was a bit of a thing back in the mid-50’s. His ‘Jump in the Line’ was used in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, which sort of makes it a Halloweeny tune, but I prefer Zombie Jamboree. With its lyrics about a zombie party in a New York cemetery, it’s a fine little Halloween party tune and perfect for your spooky conga line.

There are many cover versions of Zombie Jamboree, but none come close to the awesomeness of the original. Trust me.

And if you’re in the mood for more Halloween music, feel free to enjoy my Halloween playlist. It’s chock full of haunted melodies and mysterious rhythms, new and old. I call it IGOR. (pronounced ‘eye-gore.’) Have a safe, super-spooky Halloween!

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