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Resolutions 16 >15

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsIs it possible that another year is almost done? 2015, where ya goin’ to so fast? You know what? Go ahead and go; 2016 has gotta be better.

Almost all of my favorite websites are full of year-end best-of lists during the last week of the year, and while it’s kind of interesting to see what everyone’s favorite music or movie or whatever was, it does get old after awhile.

I’m not a ‘making resolutions’ kind of guy; like most people, my resolutions kind of peter out after a day or two and then it’s back to normal…That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about 2015, and 2016, and how I fit into things. And I’m discovering there’s quite a few things I think I’d like to be doing better, or just plain doing. I’m throwing together this little list of resolutions (I’m going to refer to them in my mind as ‘suggestions’ to take some of the pressure off) to help steer me in a slightly better, more productive, healthier direction in the new year. At 46 years old, I’m really hoping it’s not too late to teach this old dog some new tricks.

(In no particular order of importance. This is a stream of consciousness kind of deal. And don’t get too excited; there’s nothing earth-shattering here.)

1. Less staring at screens.

2. More Nature. Get outdoors more often! (Mowing the lawn doesn’t count.)

3. Walk. Those 10,000 daily steps aren’t gonna walk themselves.

4. Run. My sore-ass ankles are feeling better. No excuses, it’s time to get out there.

5. More Writing.

6. Less Trump.

7. Less Social Media. (see #6) I’m going to be weeding out what I’m seeing on social media as well. All the gloom and doom and name-calling and overall negativity is hurting humanity, not helping.

8. More Music. ALWAYS More Music!! Mankind’s greatest achievement.

9. More Deep Breathing. Oxygen = Life

10. More Reading. I acquire new books approximately 10 times faster than I can read them.

11. Less Shopping. Most of what we buy we don’t really need.

12. Less Stuff Overall. (see #11.)

13. Start a Compost Pile. Seriously!

14. More Time in the Garden.

15. Less Crap Food. I try, but often I fail, to stay away from it.

16. Heal the Guts. (see #15.) My digestive tract is not just irritable, it’s pissed. Which leads me to:

17. More Fiber. More Water. More Probiotic Food. More Veggies. Less Dairy. Less Booze (dammit!) Less Caffeine (just a little bit less! Give up coffee? NEVER.) Which also leads me to:

18. CHEW CHEW CHEW my Food. Slowly and thoughtfully. I’m convinced this is one of my biggest problems with my IBS. I don’t chew my food enough and swallow it almost whole. That’s a lot for the intestines to deal with. Sorry, fellas!

19. Replace the Shingles (and Find a Way to Pay for It.) Seriously, they’re in bad bad shape.

20. Not Less TV, but Better TV. I don’t think we watch too much, but with so much high-quality programming out there, I do need to watch less crap TV, and spend my time with quality TV. Kinda like the food.

21. More Time with the Kids. Get them off their screens (see #1.) and spending more time with us. With their friends. Social peers. Outdoors. Indoors. Anywhere. The teens of today don’t see any problem staring at their phone for so much of their waking hours in a zombie-like trance. It’s up to us to teach them that that isn’t a healthy way to live. I’ve got to lead by example, and I need to enforce screen limits. Tough Love!!!

22. More Positivity, Less Negativity. I’m a cynical person in general, and I’m fine with that. But I also need to realize that despite what the media shoves down our throats, there’s much more good than bad out there.

23. More Hugs. Hugging another human is a weapon against all the horribleness that is out there. We’re all in this together. So if I see you in this new year, I’m probably gonna try to give you a hug. Sorry!!

24. More Doing. Less Thinking About Doing. I vow to work on trying to be the change I want to see in the world. What form that takes I don’t know. But all of us, me especially, can do more, big or small, to make things a little bit better. Perspective is in order here: So many on this planet have it way worse than I ever will. I need to focus on them and find ways to make life a little better for someone, somewhere.

25. See Star Wars The Force Awakens a few more times. Really! One of the highlights of my year.

There. 25, a nice round number! I think this list is a good start. What do you think? Did I leave anything out? What are some of your resolutions, er, suggestions, for the new year? 2016, look out. You’re about to get your ass kicked!! And 2015? Nice knowin’ ya. Buh-Bye.

Here’s Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

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