April 22

Music is For the Living

princeWe’ve lost an unfortunate number of famous, important musicians this year. Prince is just the latest in a growing line of artists who’ve left us in 2016. Whenever someone famous passes away, we naturally take their death as an opportunity to look back on their body of work, as well we should. Death is a profitable career move for famous entertainers, and a not-so-gentle way to remind us of their careers, but I say that today, we should all take some time to celebrate our favorite artists while they’re still with us. Let’s not wait until they’re gone to truly appreciate them.

Let’s face it: few of us were really listening to a lot of Prince yesterday before we heard the tragic news of his death. Now his music is everywhere, for a few days at least. Today is Friday; what better day to take some time to listen to, watch, read, whatever, some of our favorite artists. Before it’s too late. Do it for Prince, for Merle, for Bowie and Frey, for everyone who we’ve already lost. Do it for all of our favorite artists who are no longer with us, but more importantly, for those still with us.

I don’t care if you’re into Prince, or David Bowie, or Merle Haggard, or Motorhead…If you’re into Madonna, Van Halen, or Bieber, or Beethoven…Whatever your jam is, turn it up LOUD and celebrate the music. Celebrate life.

Here are a few tunes I’m celebrating today:

Have a good weekend.

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