May 25

Checking In

Oh, hello. Didn’t see you standing there. How’s it going? Really? That’s great. Me? Oh, I’m fine I suppose. Keepin’ busy. You know how it is…

I’m just checking in because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written here, and I don’t want this thing to go completely stagnant.

lifeYou see, I (still) don’t really know what this blog is about. What it’s for. It might be about information. Maybe entertainment? I’m not really sure. I guess the one thing it is about is me. If that’s the case, it may be hold the title for “Most Boring Place on the Internet.”

But…if it is about me, then that would explain the absence of new posts recently. And that’s because it’s May, and May is a bit hectic. If you’ve got kids in school, any kind of school, you know how hectic it can get. As school winds down for another year, it seems that everything about school ramps up 1000% before the kids leave for summer. There are soccer games. Soccer practice. Track meets. Track practice. My wife is super crazy busy (she’s a teacher, and a damn good one. But so so busy.)

Then there are graduation ceremonies. And graduation open houses. Band concerts. Field trips. You know the drill. It’s busy. And then there’s the housework…

If you live in a place that experiences four seasons (I mean four real seasons) you may have some idea of how things like lawn maintenance can go from nonexistent in March and April to a near-fulltime job once May and June roll around. So throw in a yard that needs mowing two or three times a week, landscaping that needs work, a deck that needs staining (for the third time in five years. My god, we need a new deck so bad) and all the other projects that need doing and yeah…busy time of year.

But I’m still here. Getting used to the non-stop yard work. Working hard on the continuous projects necessary to keep the house from falling down and looking halfway decent. Attending one school event after another. I think there’s a word for all this chaos. It’s called ‘life.’

I’m not complaining…I’m really not! The weather has finally turned the corner and is feeling like late spring/early summer. Despite the fact that this time of year wreaks havoc on my allergies and the summer months keep me perspiring nearly constantly (still not complaining!), it really is beautiful. I’m amazed every year as Michigan transforms from a cold, lifeless, silent world to one bursting with warmth and color and life. I sat on the deck (newly stained, thank you very much) and enjoyed a cup of coffee, just listening to the cacophony of bird songs, watching the sun rise over the newly-greened tree line. It’s the kind of thing we just can’t do around here in February.

So while things are busy right now, it’s good. It’s all good. School will be over soon, and things will fall back to a more normal grind (no, not grind. Wrong word. Summer “routine.”) And with that slower routine, I hope to have lots of cool new things and interesting (horrifying?) new topics to discuss. Until then, I’ll be cheering on the sidelines, sweating in the yard, and bitching at the news (seriously, I’m getting tired of hearing the word “Trump” every time I turn on the news).

I’ll catch you all on the flip side.

Oh, wait! Life’s not worth living without mildly diverting things to look at on the internet, so…

For information on how to keep the average American suburban lawn happy and healthy in a more eco-friendly manner, check out my friends and their thoughts on “green” lawncare over at Green Home Landscape Source (okay, not really my friends. More like me.)

Some cool stuff I’ve wasted quite a bit too much time on recently:

Saturday Morning Cartoons. Those of us who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s hit the jackpot with weekend television programming. This amazing video has tons of old cartoon openings and lots of ads from that Golden Age:

Speaking of the 70’s, I have to think that it’s stuff like this that make us children of the 70’s so damn cool.

Oldest known film footage of New York City from the late 1800s, early 1900s. Amazing.

A short video about some close friends of ours and their work for the water charity 20 Liters:

20 Liters – Walk for Water from FLUO on Vimeo.

Watch as an NYU philosophy grad struggles to maintain artistic and personal integrity as a production manager for Columbia House. You DO remember the Columbia House Record & Tape club, right?

The Target Shoots First from Chris Wilcha on Vimeo.

Watch a TV sportscaster get rather uncomfortably angry at his co-host for “stealing” his story. Awkward!

And of course you gotta believe I’m going to share some music. I’m getting in the swing of the summer with some summery tunes around here…Here’s a really pretty song with a Beach Boys vibe from 1976 (I think) from a guy named Chris White. Spanish Wine. Lovely stuff, this.

Summer means surf tunes! Well to me it does! This is one of my faves. The Ebb Tides. Big Noise from Waimea. Cowabunga!

And, what the heck, I might as well throw in one of my latest Spotify playlists. You like sunshine-y pop music from the late sixties? Not sure? You will after you hear these tracks.

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