June 8

Dragging My Feet: Recent Ephemera


I’ve been trying to get myself to post here on a (much) more regular basis, but man…I’m not doing so well. What’s it gonna take? I don’t know. But I do know that I would like this site to be a much more frequently-updated place. I could go into a diatribe about the kind of country we’re living in that lets a misogynistic, racist scam-artist like Trump become a Presidential nominee, but the internet is already full of that kind of stuff. Plus, it wouldn’t be a very positive piece, and I’m trying to remain positive.

So in yet another attempt at kicking my ass into gear, here are some things I’ve stumbled across recently online that I dig in a big big way. No particular order, no particular theme, no particular reason for them to be here at all other than the fact that I find them pleasantly diverting. Stuff you don’t see everywhere else in the world.


This is a short film about a comic book store that’s closing. Now, I love book stores, and comic stores, and record stores. In a digital world, there’s really no reason for them to exist anymore, but there’s something special about a slightly-grungy, mom and pop book or record store. I have a strange dream of someday owning my own little shop just like this one, where I get to be a grouchy old curmudgeon all day long. If you love these kinds of shops, you’ve got to visit them and spend money there!

Comic Book Heaven from E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on Vimeo.


I have a memory of little third-grader me, beaming with pride and extremely excited, standing up in front of the class during ‘Show and Tell’ and confidently announcing that “Star Wars is going to be on TV tonight!!” Not quite, kid. But in the days when all I could think about was Star Wars, before we had things like home video and internet, when kids like me were starved for any scrap of Star Wars info, we had to take what we could get. And what we got was this still-cool ‘Making Of’ TV special. It’s very much of its 1977 day (William Conrad narration!), but it’s still worth watching, and will always bring me back to those special days in 1977. Hearing Harrison Ford call out ‘Bang! Bang!’ is priceless.


The Avalanches have released a new track, their first in 16 years. ‘Frankie Sinatra’ isn’t getting a lot of love from the fans, but I’m kind of addicted to it. And the video….well, check it out for yourself.


Killer soul/R&B/Doo-Wop nugget from 1962. I don’t know anything about the band, and I don’t want to know. This is perfect enough as is.


I don’t even remember where I first saw this, but it’s become one of my favorite things. It’s a recording of saxophonist Pharoah Sanders performing his meditative song ‘Kazuko’ live in a pedestrian tunnel in San Francisco in 1982. The tunnel’s acoustics creates echoes and harmonic resonances that compliment Sanders’ playing. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard. It’s transcendent and so, so beautiful. If your soul needs lifting, let this do it. If nothing else, it’s the soundtrack to a perfect afternoon nap.


Add these to your life, and watch it get better.


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