September 12

Christmas in September!! I Can Explain.

xmasladiesI totally understand, it’s only mid-September. I’m not going crazy. But I just renewed this site’s web hosting for another year,you see, so I figured I’d better do something, anything, and get it up here PRONTO. And what that something, anything, is, is a Christmas tune. Hey: My site, my rules.

But…but why? Well, just like Santa and his elves at the North Pole, I’ve been hard at work putting together my annual Christmas mix for a while now. And It’s exhausting if I can be honest with you. Can I be honest with you? I think I can.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes…For those who just can’t wait for December to roll around, and I know there’s none of you out there, here is just a tiny little sampling of what’s in store for you this year. I apologize in advance; the mix of holiday tunes this year has a very real possibility of being a little rough on unsuspecting ears. But then again, maybe not. I’ve been known to throw an entire mix out at the last possible moment if a new idea presents itself. But for better or worse (definitely worse), this is the direction we’re headed right now. Enjoy this shot across the bow, and take it in the spirit with which it is given. ‘Cause there’s plenty more where this came from. Sooooo much more. You’ve been warned.

If you’d like to check out previous years’ mixes, and haven’t been fortunate enough to be on the CD mailing list (these aren’t cheap to make and mail out, so membership is severely limited) through the miracle of the internet and online streaming, you can find them all on Mixcloud RIGHT HERE.

Without further adieu, I present to you the King of Christmas Tearjerkers, Mr. Red Sovine

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  1. By Tom on

    Hey, I dig what you’re doing here. Every year I make a Christmas mixtape for friends and family. The past several years’ worth are available for download (free) here:

    Maybe there’s something there you might enjoy. Thanks!


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