October 21

In Wax We Trust: A Short Film About Record Stores

record-store-interiorRecord stores. There’s really nothing like them in the world. In my opinion, at least. French trip hop/hip-hop producer Wax Tailor agrees, and on his latest tour around the U.S. stopped by some small independent record stores to talk to their owners about why, and how, they stay in business.

A physical record store, in today’s economic and music industry environment, makes absolutely no sense. Store owners don’t make much, if any, money at it. But in spite of, perhaps because of, the fact that record stores shouldn’t exist today, they persist. The same goes for the vinyl record. They’re inconvenient as hell. But listening to records requires…attention. As one of the record store owners says, listening to a vinyl record is like “taking a break in life.” And that is a glorious thing. Sometimes things should exist just… because. Trust me, the world would be a colder, much more boring place without small indie record stores. Digital music is fine, and it’s really really convenient, but for a number of true music fans, the internet will never replace music in physical form, and it definitely will never replace the joy of a few hours digging through records in a dusty record shop.

Check out “In Wax We Trust”:

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