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‘Cryin’, Dyin’, and Drinkin’: The Sad Bastards Country Christmas’ Holiday Mix for 2016


Hello strangers! Hope you’ve been well. I’ve been laying low, trying to take in the events of the presidential election and its aftermath. I’m still not sure what to make of it all, but I will say that I’m more than a little concerned for the direction this country’s about to take, and the events that transpired to get us where we are today. These are scary, uncertain times, and the next four years are going to test the resolve of those of us who don’t want to see our fine nation taken backwards or just plain taken over by the influence of outside sources. But whatever…all we can do at this point is fight like hell and hang on to our loved ones with all our might. ….and celebrate Christmas!!

Christmas means music around here, it always has. I thank/blame my Mom for it all. There was always holiday music spinning at home growing up. ALWAYS. What started way way back in the cassette days as a mixtape of some of my favorite holiday songs to play in the car transformed itself into a CD sent out to close family and friends in lieu of a Christmas card each year. And now it’s morphed into the all-digital, all-streaming 21st Century equivalent of that old mixtape. I have labored over the past few months to create this, my holiday mix for 2016. Each year has a theme. This years theme: sad-as-hell old-school country Christmas tunes. I apologize in advance…

This year’s selections are, um, I’m not sure how to put this. They’re country songs, OK. They’re sad country songs. They’re incredibly sad country Christmas songs. Out of all the yearly mixes I’ve made, this one might be the one that gets listened to the least over time. Not that it’s bad; it’s just..sad. That said, I can say that with a few drinks, and with one’s tongue firmly in cheek, the mix can be an enjoyable, kitschy trip back to a time when songs like this were actually written and recorded….and when somebody, ostensibly, actually put down money for them. But, for you, they’re all 100% free.

I love these old country songs. These are the songs that gave country music its “tears in the beers” reputation, songs about people who are having such a completely miserable time that it’s a wonder they’d want to sing about it in the first place. Actually, oftentimes they don’t sing. Many of these old country clunkers feature another old country music standby that doesn’t get used much anymore, a musical style that I’ll call the “I’m so sad I can’t sing so I’m just gonna talk my way through this damn song” technique. You’ll know what I’m talking about instantly as soon as you hear it. And oh dear Lord, you’re gonna hear it.

This ain’t your typical holiday party soundtrack. In fact, throw this mix on and watch the place clear out. Fast. As Red Simpson says, this one’s a little on the sad side of Christmas. Christmastime is supposed to be a time of joy and family. But that ain’t always the way it is for some around this time of year. Breakups, layoffs, work commitments: All of these maladies and more are the canvas on which these country artists create their peculiar art: the sad as hell, depressing country Christmas song. My wife’s been wanting me to put together a country mix for a while; 2016 seems like as good a time as ever to do so. I’ll put the track listing at the bottom of the page.


I prefer Mixcloud and it’s where I’m archiving the old Christmas mixes. Click HERE to see, and listen to, all of them. Here’s this years’ effort:


Here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas! We all need to take care of ourselves, we’re all we’ve got in this world. Peace.

Cryin’, Dyin’ and Drinkin’: The Sad Bastard’s County Christmas Track Listing

1. Christmas in the Country (radio promo) – Lynda K. Vance
2. Blue Christmas Lights – Buck Owens
3. Lonely Christmas (Again) – Dave Dudley
4. Daddy’s Drinkin’ Up Our Christmas – Commander Cody
5. Is There Really a Santa Claus – Red Sovine
6. Christmas Wants – Hank Snow
7. Santy’s Movin’ On – Homer & Jethro
8. Po’ Folks Christmas – Bill Anderson
9. Lonely Christmas Call – George Jones
10. I’m Gonna Tell Santa On You – Faron Young
11. Blue Blue Christmas (For This Truck Drivin’ Man) – Red Simpson
12. Silver Bells – Bud & Buddy Burden
13. Santa Claus And The Truck Driver – Thurmon McKinney
14. Droopy Little Christmas Tree – Benny Martin
15. To Heck With Ole Santa Claus – Loretta Lynn
16. Merry Christmas Darlin’ – James Hand
17. Out on the Road for Christmas – Red Simpson
18. A Truck Stop Christmas – BR-549
19. Let’s Stay Together Till After Christmas – Terry Fell
20. Santa! Don’t Pass Me By – Jimmy Donley
21. I’ll Be Walkin’ The Floor This Christmas – Ernest Tubb
22. Here It Is Christmas – Red Sovine
23. Christmas Eve Can Kill You – The Everly Brothers
24. Happy Blue Year – Ray Stevens
25. Sing Silent Night – C.W. McCall
26. If We Make It Through December – Merle Haggard
27. Christmas in the Country (radio promo) – Van Trevor

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  1. By Kelly the Kitchen Kop on

    Love it Bob & thanks for doing this every year!!

    Now if I could just get them onto my playlist with minimal swearing, which isn’t cool at Christmastime…



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