June 23

The Facebook Dungeon #2: Russia and the End of America?

Removed from Facebook and reposted here. 

All of this Russia news is troubling. Every single bit of it. These are historical times we’re living in, and not in a good way. If you’re still thinking “FAKE NEWS” at this point in the game, then I don’t know what to tell you. You’re a lost cause. Turning this Russia situation into a political game of us vs. them, me vs. you is going to be this country’s ultimate undoing. This is serious business any way you look at it. To dismiss it is delusional. Russia meddled in our election, and no matter the target of the tampering or its level of success, I am worried, as an American, that we’re standing at a crossroads. We either continue investigating this and work to prevent it from happening again, or we take the other path that leads to somewhere I don’t even want to think about. This isn’t a Republican issue. It isn’t a Democratic issue. It’s not a Trump issue (except it kinda sorta is, at least until we know the whole story of what the hell was going on last year.) If it continues to be a right vs. left issue, we’re done. This is a democracy issue. It’s an American issue. I’m worried about what kind of nation my children are going to be inheriting from us. From where I’m standing, it’s not looking good.

The Washington Post article from today that inspired this post can be read HERE.

I’ve been informed in no uncertain terms that the sharing of my political opinions on social media has become tiresome to some. I’m not going to stop, because I feel that the current political situation in this country, as I’ve stated above, is historical in nature. What’s going on is important. And sharing my views is important. To ME. I’m not asking anybody to agree with me, or disagree for that matter. I’m not trying to change minds. If anything I post cause anybody to think one way or another, that’s great. But my social media exists solely for my own personal enjoyment. Take it or leave it. Civil discussion is always invited; boorish, uninformed commenting is discouraged, deleted, and blocked.


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