October 4


After the gun massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week, where 59 Americans were shot dead and over 500 more injured, there are no more excuses, in my opinion, to put off talking about this nation’s gun violence epidemic any longer. It is time. Many gun fetishists and NRA-brainwashed still don’t get it. Facebook, my account included, is filled with gunheads desperately trying to spin this latest horror, but in reality it’s the NRA’s nightmare come true: A white male, no criminal record, stockpiled with dozens and dozens of legally-purchased assault weapons, deciding for some reason to take aim at his fellow Americans and open fire.It is time to start the long process of dealing with this uniquely American problem.


The essential¬†Gin and Tacos blog shared their Gun Bro BINGO board and I’m sharing it here. I’ve seen more than a few of these comments this week, and I’m sure you have too. It’s all a bunch of B.S.

Play along, won’t you? It’s very easy to win.


For further reading on the NRA’s desperate and embarrassing Excuse Machine :

Taibbi: The Gun Lobby Is Down to Its Last, Unconvincing Excuse

As of this writing, the death toll in Las Vegas is 59, with over 527 injured, making it easily the deadliest gun massacre in modern U.S. history. (Characteristically, there have been some deadlier ones in the distant past, including in St.

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