July 8

The Songs of Summer #38: ‘Band on the Run’ by Paul McCartney & Wings

Paul McCartney & Wingsí Legendary Band on the Run to Be Reissued November 2ndPaul McCartney was in The Beatles; this is a known fact. The Beatles were the biggest, best and most influential band in rock and pop history. Another known fact. A lesser known fact is that to a kid like me, born in 1969 as The Beatles were winding down, and raised in the 70’s, I was much more familiar with Sir Paul McCartney’s second band Wings than I was with The Beatles.

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December 11

Tuxedo – Wonderful Christmastime

Tuxedo - Wonderful ChristmastimePaul McCartney’s 1979 single ‘Wonderful Christmastime‘ gets an awful lot of airplay this time of the year; it also has to be one of the modern Christmas classics that gets the most crap dumped on it (the other one being Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You,’ which is massively popular but also pure evil.) An awful lot of people seem to really hate ‘Wonderful Christmastime,’ which to be honest I’ve never really understood. It is what it is; a simple little pop song, the kind of song Paul McCartney can write in his sleep. He wrote and recorded the whole thing all by himself, and probably never intended it to become an annual headache for so many people. But I’ll say it: I like it. I’ve always liked it. Sure it can get tiresome when it’s played to death each year, but so can any other song. That said, I think I’d miss it if I didn’t hear it once or twice during the holidays. And now there’s a new version of the song that appeared online yesterday; and I think this version is even better than Sir Paul’s.

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December 5

Yuletide Cheers for Your Holiday Ears

A Molto Groovy Christmas
Hey there! As evidence of me spending wasting a bit too much time on the internet, I’d like to share a few holiday tunes that I’ve stumbled across recently… Again, nothing mainstream here. There’s enough Mariah Carey and Buble and Bieber garbage on the radio and in the malls. You’ve got to dig a bit deeper for the good stuff. The stuff that falls between the cracks of the mainstream is so much more interesting, in my opinion.

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December 1

The Beatles White Album Times 100

The Beatles’ somewhat indulgent 1968 double-album ‘The Beatles’ (better known as “The White Album” for its blank white cover) has its fair share of fans as well as detractors. Coming at a time of discord in the life of the band, when members were feeling the pressure of being the biggest band in the history of ever, and tensions were high (few knew at the time that Ringo actually left the band for a period of time), the White Album emerged as a hodgepodge of different song styles and subjects, with each song basically written by an individual member and recorded with that member in charge and the other three acting basically as studio musicians…..

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