January 15

Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love

our-lives-are-shaped-by-what-we-love-motown-mowestIt’s been a long week. Popular culture took a real hit this week with the death of David Bowie, and then actor Alan Rickman, both aged 69, both from cancer. Each in his own way created beauty with their art, and will be sorely missed. I take solace in the fact that all of the media attention will pique some curious kid’s interest, and he or she will visit a record store, or seek out a film, and be inspired to create art of their very own. Not for money, not for attention, but just because.

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September 15

The Annual ArtPrize Controversy

18750658-mmmainWith the arrival of late summer comes what’s becoming an annual ArtPrize censorship controversy. Artist Nabil Mousa has had his ArtPrize entry “Paradise Built on the Bones of the Slaughtered” removed from its intended venue, the Grand Rapids City Hall. The sculpture consists of a set of three welded towers displaying ashes of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.

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August 27

The Songs of Summer #93: ‘World Upside Down’ by Jimmy Cliff

jimmy-cliff-world-upside-downI hadn’t planned on putting this song on the Songs of Summer playlist, but I got to thinking about it yesterday and today, looking for something that would be a good, appropriate song for today. Again, it’s not really a day where I feel like celebrating summer music…The weather’s kind of cool and cloudy, which isn’t helping things, and the news coming out of the world really sometimes makes me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over my head and wish all the world’s troubles away.

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April 22

It’s Earth Day….Does It Matter?

Pogo 1970 Earth Day PosterEarth Day… 2014. A day set aside decades ago to dedicate to the planet, and to energize the population to get off its collective ass and do something to “protect” it. It’s a noble cause, really it is. I’ve been a treehugger for a long time now, and I see nothing wrong with declaring a random date on the calendar as “Earth Day” to call attention to the fact that one single animal species on the planet is hellbent on raping the Earth until it’s uninhabitable. But does Earth Day matter?

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