February 19

Appropos of Nothing: Random Thoughts

brain_attackHere’s the deal: I’m going to start writing (looks like I’ve already started!) without having any idea whatsoever what I’m going to write about. Consider it an exercise wherein I take a few minutes and share a bit (a tiny fraction, really) of what’s going on in my mind. I’ll try my best to keep it clean.

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October 27

I Pooped Today! A Squatty Potty Story

squatty-potty-i-pooped-todayIt takes a pretty creative marketing campaign to get people to part with 28 bucks in exchange for what’s little more than a plastic stool, but that’s exactly what the people at Squatty Potty have done. What’s more, they’ve suckered me into buying one. Why? Because colon health is very important to me. And why is colon health so important to me? Why, it’s because the health of my colon is, well, unhealthy. But first, a warning. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is about poop. And pooping. If you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, click elsewhere. But ours is a household where our pooping habits are frequently a topic of discussion. We believe in healthy, open discussions about poop, because it’s important, and because, like the beloved children’s book says, ‘Everyone Poops.’ Even you, I’m assuming. Anyway…

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