February 19

Appropos of Nothing: Random Thoughts

brain_attackHere’s the deal: I’m going to start writing (looks like I’ve already started!) without having any idea whatsoever what I’m going to write about. Consider it an exercise wherein I take a few minutes and share a bit (a tiny fraction, really) of what’s going on in my mind. I’ll try my best to keep it clean.

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August 22

The Songs of Summer #87: ’96 Tears’ by Question Mark & The Mysterians

question-mark-mysterians-96-tearsTime is short today, so this is gonna be quick. ‘96 Tears‘ by Question Mark & The Mysterians from Bay City, Michigan, is not a song about summer. But it is a song for summer. It’s a top-down, windows down, radio cranked up kind of song. It’s a perfect song. It may be the perfect song.

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March 25

Michigan’s Potholed Roads: A Rant

photo from MLive.com
photo from MLive.com
Oh my Lord these friggin’ roads…… As if to add insult to injury after what has been a historically dreadful winter here in Michigan, the ice and snow has melted away from our roads to reveal a natural disaster on a scale we haven’t seen around here since, well, ever. I’m talking about the potholes.

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