December 7

2017 Christmas Mixtape: A Classic Rock Christmas!

“Sitting here on Christmas Eve, with a brandy in my hand
Oh, I’ve had a few too many and it’s getting hard to stand
I keep hearing noises from my fireplace
I must be going crazy, or the brandy’s won the race.”

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October 23

Igor’s Halloween Party – A Mix for You!

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are ready for harvest, and…wait…what was that? Did you hear that sound? It came from over by that old cemetery…it can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming! And that means I’ve been spinning spooky tunes for about a month now! And I think it’s time to share.

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September 12

Christmas in September!! I Can Explain.

xmasladiesI totally understand, it’s only mid-September. I’m not going crazy. But I just renewed this site’s web hosting for another year,you see, so I figured I’d better do something, anything, and get it up here PRONTO. And what that something, anything, is, is a Christmas tune. Hey: My site, my rules.

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December 21

‘A Really Swell Christmas’: The 2015 Holiday Mix

really-swell-christmasChristmas Week! As you may or may not know, or even care, I make a Christmas Mix CD every year for cherished friends and family…This year is Year 13 for my little endeavor, and now that most of the CDs have been mailed out or dropped off, it’s time to share it with the world!

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March 19

Nevermind the Mainstream: WFMU Freeform Radio

WFMU-Sign-1024x683I gave up on radio a long time ago. Commercial radio, that is. It’s been unlistenable for decades, ever since the corporations did to radio what they ultimately end up doing to anything that is good and decent in this world: they destroyed it. Mega-mergers led to most radio stations in this country being gobbled up by a small number of giant media companies, then homogenizing and watering-down terrestrial radio in order to maximize listenership and ad revenue. Blandness sells, and commercial radio has become as bland as Wonder Bread. There’s a very clear reason you can drive from one end of this country to the other and find the same 10 or 12 songs playing on every single commercial radio station; they’re all programmed for conformity, and since they’re all owned by one of a very few companies, they’re all programmed to sound exactly alike. And I’m sorry to say, but if you’re relying on radio to give you something new, something different, something interesting in the world of music, you are losing out.

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December 11

Introducing BrainstemBob on Mixcloud

hifimasI’m borderline OCD when it comes to making playlists. iTunes, Spotify, you name it… I’ll kill hours digging for JUST THE RIGHT TUNES for every kind of playlist imaginable. Now, I’m not bragging. Just because I can’t stop making playlists doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any damn good. I just happen to think they are.

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