November 22

Christmastime is Here

The temperature’s dropping, there’s snow in the air, Thanksgiving is almost here… I think the holidays are here. It is time.  New festive seasonal theme. You like? It’s also just about time to fire up the yuletide musical selections.  I have a little playlist problem. I can’t stop creating them. And when I make one, I don’t know when to say enough is enough, so they all contain about a thousand songs.  Oh look! Here’s one of my playlists now, and just in the nick of time. And this one’s a relatively short one. Only 95 tracks. Enjoy!!

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November 11

A Very Nick Lowe Christmas

I know the calendar says it’s only November 10, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for some Christmas music. Too soon for regular, all-day Christmas music, yes. But when a new holiday album is released as they usually are around the end of October, I like to check them out to see if any are able to stand up next to classics such as Bing, Elvis, and Phil Spector. Many try, and many (most) fail.

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November 2

BrainstemBob’s Picks of the Week

The cream of the time-wasting crop for the week that was.

1. Star Wars Bloopers – I have VHS copies of the Star Wars films. I have Laser Disc versions. DVD versions. Blu-Ray versions. But none of them contained these rare bloopers, unearthed this week. You’ve always had a hunch that Stormtroopers weren’t the most graceful soldiers in the galaxy…this proves it.

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October 30

Halloween Week !!!!

Well, it’s here. Halloween. For a holiday in which I personally don’t do much anymore (too old to trick or treat, not really into the whole costume thing), I really love Halloween. It’s an excuse to gorge on candy, and to celebrate the darker things in life. The leaves are falling off the trees, the temperature is dropping… it’s just a great time of the year.

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October 25

Picks of the Week 10/25

October’s almost over, damn! Here’s my Top Five time-wasters for this work week:

1. Sarah Silverman pilot!!  NBC passed on this Sarah Silverman pilot, called ‘Susan 313.’  Kind of funny, but I can see why they didn’t pick it up. Nevertheless, I love Sarah Silverman and wonder how this show would have evolved. I mean, ever see the pilot episode of Seinfeld? Ouch.

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October 18

Picks of the Week 10/18

I spend a lot of time on the computer for work… As anybody who works on a computer all day long knows, that usually means a lot of browsing around. Every week, I’ll try to cover some of the things I dig and maybe turn you on to something new. Or maybe not. I don’t claim to be an arbiter of good taste, but I do think there are some many things out in the world worth discovering and exploring that don’t always get the attention in the mainstream that they deserve. I love the underdogs, the independents, the artists that march to their own beat….. Here are some of the coolest things I came across this week while, ahem, working:

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October 9

I’m Breathless: Uncovering a Lost ‘Great Pumpkin’ Musical Cue

7b09ce756565a865afcbd6d2c50e0401October is one of my very favorite months for lots of reasons.. the cooler temperatures, the beautiful explosion of color as the leaves on the trees put on one last show before winter, Octoberfest beers…. and Halloween. And one of my favorite things about Halloween is that it gives me an excuse to watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’  I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve missed it in any of my 44 years on earth. It’s to the point where if I MISS it, I will be depressed for days. This is crazy, because I’ve owned it on DVD for probably 15 years. Click through for the full post and a glimpse of these magical music.

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