January 11

Vinyl Rules #1: DIY Vinyl Record Cleaning, Super Cheap and Super Effective

vinyl-rulesWith the resurgence of listening to music on vinyl records, there has been a correlating explosion of information out there on how to properly care for all these new records (please don’t call them ‘vinyls’, I beg you.) So I’m starting a new series of articles I’m calling ‘Vinyl Rules’ to make it as easy as possible to care for your treasured records the right way, and without spending a ton of money. The first topic I’d like to tackle is record cleaning. If you’ve spent any time looking for old records in stores or in your grandma’s attic, you’ll see very quickly that people back in the day did not take very good care of their albums. Not at all. But with today’s expensive records, old and new, there’s no excuse not to keep them in tip-top shape, now and into the future.

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April 14

Heat Your Home for Free! (Strings Attached) Code Name: Nerdalize

The Nerdalize eRadiator
The Nerdalize eRadiator
From obscure old Osmonds songs to the latest eco-news, I’m covering all the bases here. ‘Eclectic’ isn’t my middle name, but maybe it should be. On second thought, maybe not. But still… I love music, but without a comfortable home in which to listen to it, what’s the point? I love the frivolous and the ephemeral, it’s true, but I’m also deeply concerned about the capital B.S. Big Stuff. Like energy.

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January 6

New Facebook Game ‘Power House’ Makes Saving Energy Fun! (relatively speaking)

powerhouse-facebook-gameI’ve recently been informed that many people, perhaps even most people, don’t get as jazzed about saving energy around the house as I do. This is preposterous. Who wouldn’t be excited aboutcutting down on electricity, water, and gas use at home? I mean, I guess “saving energy” isn’t that terribly thrilling on the face of it, but it’s what happens when we’re not wasting all that energy that gets me going. Less pollution. Less carbon emissions. LOWER UTILITY BILLS. For those less-than-enthusiastic energy savers out there, a new Facebook game has been released that just might make you look at energy usage differently, and get you hopelessly addicted to yet another Facebook app at the same time. Let’s face it: Farmville is so 2 years ago, and Candy Crush? BORING. I’m talking about Power House.

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December 31

Standby Power: What it Is, Why it Sucks, and What You Can Do About It

phantom-vampire-powerDid you all have a nice Christmas? Get to spend some nice time in the warm embrace of family and friends? I sure hope so. I certainly did. The one thing I’ve noticed about Christmas over the last few years is the number of gifts that require charging or being plugged in. Santa brings just about everybody I know some new gadget or device…it’s just a fact in this connected, modern world. Stuff’s gotta get charged; stuff’s gotta have power. But did you know there’s a dark, dirty secret about all this electronic stuff? It’s true. Wanna know the secret? Come here….I’ll tell you. All this stuff that’s turned off when not in use? They’re not really off. Did you even know this? Most people don’t, so don’t feel bad. Most of the stuff that we plug into the wall these days suck a tiny amount of energy out of the outlet 24/7. This energy use is called by different names, like‘phantom load’ ‘leaking electricity’ or ‘vampire energy,’standby, or instant-on power. And it sucks. Literally.

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December 19

Now Might Be a Good Time to Start Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas is now officially less than 1 week away, so PLEASE tell me you’ve at least STARTED your Christmas shopping. What’s that? You haven’t?? Good Lord, man, what are you waiting for?? Time is slipping away from you. I think the best thing for you to do at this point is click on this Amazon banner:

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July 17

Retail is for Suckers: I Lowered my DIRECTV Bill, and You Can Too

network1976-580x333High bills and customer service phone calls… two of the least pleasurable things on the planet. Combine the two and you’ve got a recipe for a hair-pulling nightmare that’ll have you screaming “I”m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” at the top of your lungs. As evidenced in the recent release of a recorded phone call between some poor bastard who just wants to cancel his Comcast and a customer service rep desperate to stop him, there’s nothing worse than trying to get a company that’s used to bilking your wallet on a monthly basis to stop.

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