August 6

The Songs of Summer #66: ‘The Lonely Surfer’ by Jack Nitzsche

jack-nitzsche-lonely-surferJack Nitzsche…with a name like that, he’s gotta be good. And he was. Jack’s claim to fame was being the arranger, producer, scapegoat, and all-around right hand man to producer wunderkind Phil Spector. Spector’s patented ‘Wall of Sound‘ production style owes a great deal to the talents of Jack Nitzschke (among several others.) Today’s Song of Summer: Nitzsche’s classic surf instro, ‘The Lonely Surfer.’

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July 7

The Songs of Summer 35-37: The Music of ‘Death Proof’

tarantino-death-proofHere in Michigan, summer giveth, and summer taketh away. Yesterday was a hot, muggy sunny day, a real sticky summertime day. Cut to some lovely overnight thunderstorms and we awake this morning to clouds, rain, and a chilly breeze with temps only in the low 60’s. That’s summer in Michigan to a T. My point? I guess I don’t have one, other than I’m loosely picking my daily Song of Summer based on what’s going on with the weather. And in Michigan, when it’s cool and rainy, a good place to take refuge is at the multiplex, catching a summer flick.

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