September 6

The Songs of Summer #103: ‘Havalina’ by The Pixies

pixies-havalinaHere we are at the penultimate Songs of Summer song of the day; I started this way back in June (or maybe even May? I can’t even remember.) as a way to share out some of my personal favorite summertime songs, as well as an exercise in getting me in the habit of a daily posting. I’ll say it has got me posting stuff daily, and that’s a goody thing. And it has been a lot of fun picking a song every day to match my summer mood. It would’ve been nice to have gotten some feedback into others’ favorite songs, but I’m afraid my daily readers are nowhere near enough to generate that kind of a discussion. For now, at least, this blog’s still a one-way street. We’ll see what happens down the road, but at least if I’m posting stuff here that means I’m at the very least tickling some of my own brain cells.

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August 17

The Songs of Summer #80: ‘It Must Be Summer’ by Fountains of Wayne

fountains-of-wayne-summerIt’s Power Pop Monday!! ‘It Must Be Summer‘ is a summery pop nugget from Fountains of Wayne, one of the few bands around still flying the flag for that criminally underrated musical genre those in the know refer to as power pop.

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