September 30

Composting Wanna-Be

I do a lot of writing for a green-living website called Green Home Source, and as a result I often end up researching things and end up obsessing over them and wanting to try them out personally.  Case in point: Composting.  I’ve written several pieces about the benefits of composting stuff like kitchen and yard waste, and on paper (or onscreen) it sounds like a wonderful magical thing: Throw your scraps in a compost bin and a few months later you’ve got compost, a nutrient-rich organic material that is a perfect natural fertilizer.

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September 17

Brainstem What Now?

I’ve been using ‘brainstembob’ as an email address name for 10 years now. So long in fact that I no longer think anything of it. But that doesn’t stop people from sometimes giving me strange looks when I give them my email. These odd glances always remind me that maybe it is a bit strange. I’d change it to something more professional and ‘normal’ sounding, but after a decade of using it for more website user names and account logins than I can count, it’s too ingrained for me to go to all the trouble of changing it everywhere.

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