December 2

A Brief History of This Thing We Call Christmas

christmas-shoppingHere it is, Christmastime once again. The Holidays are upon us. It seems like just two weeks ago we were taking down the tree, but again time has shown us no mercy as it continues to fly by at an alarming pace.

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November 20

Friday Song: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ by Dean Martin

dean-martin-baby-its-cold-outsideWell, well, well…Every year, the first significant snowfall of the year is bearing down on us here in Michigan, and with it the non-stop warnings to be prepared for the end of the world. We’re predicted to get a few inches of snow, which means in reality we might see two, but that’s not stopping the media from issuing one WINTER STORM WATCH warning after another. Every year, it’s headline news. And every year, it drives me kind of crazy.

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November 13

Friday Song: ‘The Hip’ by The Sparkles

sparkles-the-hipThe Sixties saw the birth of a million and one garage bands, groups of friends getting together to jam and hopefully record some tracks and get famous like The Beatles. While fame and fortune were rare, many of these bands scraped together enough cash to record a song or two. Some of them even got airplay on regional radio, back when there was such a thing.

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October 30

Friday Song: ‘Zombie Jamboree’ by King Flash & Calypso Carnival

zombie-jamboreeWhat’s the deal with our obsession with zombies? It’s not anything new, as this tune will attest. ‘Zombie Jamboree’ is a zombie-themed calypso tune from 1956. That’s really all I know about it. It’s all I, or you, need to know about it.

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October 27

I Pooped Today! A Squatty Potty Story

squatty-potty-i-pooped-todayIt takes a pretty creative marketing campaign to get people to part with 28 bucks in exchange for what’s little more than a plastic stool, but that’s exactly what the people at Squatty Potty have done. What’s more, they’ve suckered me into buying one. Why? Because colon health is very important to me. And why is colon health so important to me? Why, it’s because the health of my colon is, well, unhealthy. But first, a warning. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is about poop. And pooping. If you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, click elsewhere. But ours is a household where our pooping habits are frequently a topic of discussion. We believe in healthy, open discussions about poop, because it’s important, and because, like the beloved children’s book says, ‘Everyone Poops.’ Even you, I’m assuming. Anyway…

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