December 21

Christmasville, U.S.A. – Mixcloud

Another new Holiday Mixcloud! Hopefully you’re not getting tired of these yet. This one is the 2011 Christmas CD Mix. ‘Christmasville USA’ gets its name from the title track by Jimmy Charles. It’s a collection of little-known holiday tracks from the 50’s and early 60’s… the dawn of rock n’ roll, imagined as a “Rockin’ Teen Dance Party.” Rock on!

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December 16

A Swingin’ 60’s Christmas Party! – Mixcloud

imgresMy Annual Christmas CD Mix conversion over to Mixcloud is continuing…. it’s time consuming, but it’ll be nice to have an online archive of these holiday mixes. The 2012 CD is one I’m particularly happy about. The theme is a ‘swingin’ 60’s Christmas party.’ I get ideas for these yearly CD mixes from all over the place; this one popped into my head as I was scanning my parents’ old photo albums (another never-ending project) They moved from their home of over 30 years to live year-round in Florida, and I foolishly volunteered to take all of their old photos to scan.

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December 12

Santa’s On His Way 2013 Mixcloud

Day 2 of “Operation Christmas CD Mix Upload”….. This year’s holiday CD was actually two discs of music. This mixcloud is the second disc, comprised of more “normal” holiday music from the last few years. This is music that you may actually want to play through more than once. I hope you give it a listen, and I hope you enjoy it!

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December 11

Introducing BrainstemBob on Mixcloud

hifimasI’m borderline OCD when it comes to making playlists. iTunes, Spotify, you name it… I’ll kill hours digging for JUST THE RIGHT TUNES for every kind of playlist imaginable. Now, I’m not bragging. Just because I can’t stop making playlists doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any damn good. I just happen to think they are.

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