June 7

The Songs of Summer Day Five: BLOTTO ‘I Wanna Be a Lifeguard”

blottoSummer. Fun, sun, and…WORK. We’ve got a teenager in the house, and there’s been lots of talk around here lately about just what he’s going to do to earn some dough this summer. It’s a fine balance between having lots of carefree fun and scraping together some scratch from some low-paying gig to splash some gas in the tank. And let’s face it: Most jobs geared towards teenagers (most jobs geared towards adults too, for that matter) kinda suck.

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June 5

The Songs of Summer Day Three: ‘Vacation’ by Connie Francis

connie-francis-vacationWait, what? Connie Francis?!? What year is this?? Listen, I warned you up front there was going to be a variety of music on my Songs of Summer list. You might think I’m crazy to be listing a #9 pop hit from 1962 as one of my favorite summer songs, but here it is. I love these old pop hits, as you’ll quickly discover. Any list of summer songs put together by me is going to have to have some cheesy, kitschy old tunes. Why? Because they’re fun, pure and simple. Sometimes, they’re so bad they’re good. I think that’s the very definition of kitsch. It’s my definition, anyway…

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June 4

The Songs of Summer Day Two: ‘Summer’ by War

war-summerNothing says ‘summer’ like War. I’m serious! No, not that War. Not the killing and dying and guns and bombs kind of war. The musical kind of war. War, the multi-cultura, multi-racial funk and soul band from Long Beach, California. Like a lot of their music (Low Rider, Spill the Wine, etc. etc.), their near-perfect ode to summer, entitled appropriately and simply ‘Summer’ has a laid-back, Southern Californian vibe that makes it an ideal summertime jam. Even in the cold dead of a Michigan winter… And the lyrics? I mean, come on…it’s all there:

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