March 16

Spotify Tip: Searching By Music Label

spotify Working at home like I do, I’m spoiled rotten by the fact that I can listen to anything I want, as loud (or as quiet) as I want, all day long. For a music-lover like me, it’s heaven on Earth. Whether this adds or detracts from my productivity is up for debate I suppose, but the fact of the matter is that I adore being able to have music playing whenever I want. And for most of those working hours, it’s Spotify that I typically turn to for my tunes.

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July 1

The Songs of Summer #29: ‘Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder

I have another playlist rule I’d like to share with you: A little Motown never hurts any playlist. And when it comes to summer music, Motown is a must. Here’s the first of several classic Motown tracks I’ll be adding to the Songs of Summer List, ‘Sir Duke‘ by Stevie Wonder.

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June 7

The Songs of Summer Day Five: BLOTTO ‘I Wanna Be a Lifeguard”

blottoSummer. Fun, sun, and…WORK. We’ve got a teenager in the house, and there’s been lots of talk around here lately about just what he’s going to do to earn some dough this summer. It’s a fine balance between having lots of carefree fun and scraping together some scratch from some low-paying gig to splash some gas in the tank. And let’s face it: Most jobs geared towards teenagers (most jobs geared towards adults too, for that matter) kinda suck.

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November 22

Christmastime is Here

The temperature’s dropping, there’s snow in the air, Thanksgiving is almost here… I think the holidays are here. It is time.  New festive seasonal theme. You like? It’s also just about time to fire up the yuletide musical selections.  I have a little playlist problem. I can’t stop creating them. And when I make one, I don’t know when to say enough is enough, so they all contain about a thousand songs.  Oh look! Here’s one of my playlists now, and just in the nick of time. And this one’s a relatively short one. Only 95 tracks. Enjoy!!

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