August 15

The Songs of Summer #78: ‘K-39’ by The Challengers

challengers-k39Cowabunga, baby!! More classic surf sounds for a hot and humid Saturday. Today would be an absolutely perfect day to hit the beach, even if our beautiful Lake Michigan water temperatures are in the 40’s and 50’s today…If you’re grabbing your board for a Great Lakes shore, better wear your wetsuit. I’ve got personal obligations today so I won’t be anywhere near any beach, but with jammin’ surf tunes like ‘K-39‘ by The Challengers, I’m there in my mind.

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July 13

The Songs of Summer #43: ‘Big Noise from Waimea’ by The Ebb Tides

ebb-tides-big-noise-from-waimeaTime for more righteous surf sounds! There’s never a bad time for more surf tunes. In fact, I often turn to classic surf instrumentals on days when I’m just not feelin’ it, when my mojo’s up and left the building. There’s something about those twangin’ guitars, those jungle drums, those honkin’ saxophones that gets into my ears and alters my brain chemistry. And this surf tune is one of my faves; I wanted to share it before I ran out of Songs of Summer. There’s so many classic surf tracks out there, but let me let you in on a dirty little secret: A lot of them sound kind of the same. A surf instrumental is built around a rather simplistic formula, which is one of the reasons they all sound so damn cool. But it’s also why, when you really boil it all down, they are all very similar sounding.

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June 30

The Songs of Summer #28: ‘Theme From Endless Summer’ by The Sandals

the-endless-summerI’m just reading about how today, the last day of June, 2015, gets one extra second. We have to occasionally do stuff like that to keep our calendar from getting out of whack. Why? Because the Earth’s rotation isn’t a perfectly timed thing. The effect of gravity from other celestial bodies like the moon have a tendency to mess with our planet’s rotational speed. How anybody’s figured this out is way beyond me, I’ll just assume they used math or something. Anyway, the rotation of the Earth sometimes goes a little wacky and we have to jimmy the calendar to fix it, so we don’t end up a thousand years from now celebrating Christmas in the middle of March.

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June 28

The Songs of Summer #26: ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ by The Beach Boys

beach-boys-farmers-daughterIt’s hard for us today to imagine just how popular The Beach Boys were, especially in their earliest days. Their unique blend of surf-type sounds and amazing vocals about fun, sun, girls, and cars made it feel like summer at the beach no matter where the listener was located, or the time of year.

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June 23

The Songs of Summer #21: ‘Surfing Drums’ by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones

dick-dale-surfing-drumsThey call Dick Dale ‘The King of the Surf Guitar’ for a reason. His guitar style, heavy on reverb and inspired by eastern musical scales, is THE sound of surf music. Loud, twangy, reverb-y guitars are the hallmark of any, and all, great surf songs.

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